May - June 2022

Posted on 3rd May 2022



May - June 2022 Newsletter

Dear Resident

We have been asked by numerous residents to remind the whole estate of the terms of the Deeds for all houses purchased on this estate. To this end we attach a copy of the relevant section (Schedule 3) which outlines the various rules which apply. You may not have your original copy if your Deeds are lodged with your Solicitor or Building Society.

 Please keep this copy for future reference.

Can you help?

Do you have some time to spare when you could come into the club (mornings or evenings) and give ideas for functions and/or events and contribute to housekeeping ideas or handy-man servces        ?  You may have noticed that reception has been upgraded in recent weeks and is looking much brighter.

With the Jubilee in mind and the long weekend from 2nd – 4th June, does anyone have any ideas for celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee here at the club. If so, let the Trustees know and they would put you in touch with like-minded residents to plan some celebrations. We will let you know of any future developments.


Teas will be available each Friday from 6.30pm.

The meat raffle continues every Monday as is BINGO at this moment from 9 pm. The quiz is on Thursdays at 9pm and the organisers would love to see some new faces to add to the fun.

Sports facilities – Badminton, Squash and Table Tennis are available. Please call the office to book these activities.


14th May – Gavin Allen – A male vocal entertainer

4th June – Bosom Buddies – a comical musical duo (as seen on BGT)

25th June – Melissa T – a fabulous female vocalist.

16th July - Carl David – a popular Soul Singer.



THE THIRD SCHEDULE (Number 1 – 14)

1.                          To pay and contribute from time to time a fair and just proportion of the expense of cleansing, maintaining, repairing and renewing and rebuilding all party walls and fences and other party structures, gutters, downspouts, drains, sewers, watercourses, water and gas pipes, electricity, telephone and television cables and wires and repeater or relay boxes, or other conveniences belonging to, or used for, or which shall belong to, or be used for the property or any part thereof, in common with other properties, near or adjoining thereto, the amount of such proportion in the case of dispute to be in the absolute determination of a Surveyor appointed by the Transferor.


2.                          Not to erect or plant or permit to be erected or planted any gate, fence, wall or hedge or other erection of any description in front of the line of the existing building or between the existing building and any roadway upon which the Property abuts.


3.                          Not without the prior consent in writing of the Transferor or the Surveyor to alter the external parts of any building structure or erection which now or hereafter may form part of the Property nor without such consent as aforesaid to erect any additional building structure or erection or lay any sewers or drains on or under the property and in the event of such consent being granted not to carry out such work other than in accordance with plans, elevations, sections, specifications  and detailed drawings previously approved in writing by the Transferor or its Surveyor. 


4.                          Not to use or permit any part of the property to be used for any purpose other than that of a private dwelling and outbuildings belonging thereto.


5.                          Not to erect or display or permit to be erected or displayed on any part of the Property any advertisement or hoarding other than a neat notice board advertising the Property for sale.


6.                          Not to do or permit to be done on the property any wilful damage, waste, spoil or destruction or anything which shall be, or may grow to be, a nuisance or annoyance to the Transferor, the public or the neighbourhood. 


7.                          Not to keep, or allow to be kept, on the Property or any part thereof any livestock, poultry or pigeons.


8.                          Not to park or permit, or suffer to be parked on the property or any part of the Estate, including the Estate road and the Amenity lands any heavy goods vehicle, caravan, boat, trailer or other similar types of vehicle (except as may be reasonably necessary for the sole purpose of delivering or collecting goods from the Property or in case of emergency).


9.                          Not to remove from any part of the Property or the amenity lands, any trees or shrubs planted thereon or forming part of the Transferors landscaping scheme and to replace from time to time such trees and shrubs on the Property which may in the opinion of the Landscape Architect for the time being of the Transferors to be in an unfit state and in need of replacement.


10.                      Not to erect or set-up, or permit to be erected or set-up upon any part of the property, any garage except a garage of brick construction using bricks of the same or as near possible the same appearance as are used on the property.


11.                      Not to do or omit or suffer to be done or omitted any act matter or thing in on or respecting the Property in contravention of the Town and County Planning Act 1971 or any Act for the time being amending or replacing the same.


12.                      Not (where applicable) to cut down, lop or top any of the mature timber or other mature trees on the property without consent in writing of the Transferor which if granted may be subject to such conditions as the Transferor may think fit but which shall not be unreasonably withheld in the case of cutting down, lopping or topping, required by virtue of any effective notice order or direction from the Local Highway or other competent Authority.


13.                      No transfer, lease, or assent of the Property shall be executed unless it contains Covenants by the Transferee in whose favour it is executed in substantially the same terms as are contained in Clause 3 of this transfer.


14.                      Not to make any material alteration or park any vehicle on the service reservation strip adjoining the Property and not to use the same for any purpose other than lawn or driveway laid out by the Transferor and to forever hereafter maintain the same as aforesaid.