Ladybridge Park Minutes

2017 OGM Minutes
Posted on 18th August 2017

Ladybridge Park Residents Club

Agenda and Minutes

Ordinary General Meeting - 20 July 2017


The meeting opened at 7.50pm by Chairman - Paul Howarth. 

2016 Minutes

The Minutes of last year’s OGM meeting were read and discussed.   These were proposed and seconded by two of the Residents as being accurate.


Julian the representative from Sefton’s Accountants, gave a brief statement regarding the accounts.  He then went through the accounts with the Residents with a breakdown of all costs.  He said the accounts are very favourable and the bank account is healthy.  Profit for this year was £7,800 which was an improvement on recent years.  Income and outgoings are in line with previous years.  The Chairman asked that the Accountant was now available for any questions, but the Residents did not have any questions for him.

Appointment of Accountants

The Trustees recommended that we keep the same Accountants.  Roger Warwick approved this and it was then seconded by another Resident.  The Accountant then left the meeting.


Chairman’s Annual Report

Annual report was read by the Chairman - Paul Howarth.



OGM - 22 July 2017

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since the last OGM and most importantly in terms of the Club's finances, as can be seen in your copy of the accounts.

It has been another successful year and this success has greatly enabled us to improve the Club both inside and out, and the results can be seen by you all.  We feel we are nearly there in improving the facilities within the Club, but have more work in the pipeline to be undertaken next year, for instance both the ladies and gents toilets to begin with. 

We have managed to achieve this through the hard work of the Trustees, Anne and Pauline in the office, the Manager and her staff (with a special mention to Harry the Manager's Husband) who voluntarily undertakes the duties required to keep a good cellar, without being on the payroll. 

A decision was made from April to move away from the usual fortnightly Saturday entertainment due to lack of residents' interest and attendance, to once a month, as the cost savings would benefit the Club more.  It is disappointing to have to do this, but it was a loss making exercise.  We are now trying to vary the entertainment, in order to try and encourage more residents to come in.  In addition to that, we will hope to have one off events throughout the year. 

Lastly, may I thank Pauline Monk and Bernadette Howarth for taking the minutes of the meeting, and you all for attending tonight. 



Report on Events and Entertainment

Tommy Boyne discussed the entertainment over the last 12 months and due to the lack of interest, the entertainment has changed from twice a month to once a month, as this was making a loss due the small attendance by the Residents.  He also asked if anyone would like different entertainment, but no one had any requests.  As the entertainment is now going to be just once a month, they are going to try and vary it more in the hope that more Residents come into the Club.  He also brought up the Fun Day and the Race Night to be held on the August Bank Holiday Sunday, which is aid of the Breast Cancer Charity and asked that people come in and support it. 

Also, the HIT exercise programme which is held on a Monday and Thursday in the small hall was discussed which has become very successful.

Election of Trustees

Chris Morley had to stand down due to tradition, but he has agreed to accept the Trustee position going forward and was therefore reinstated unanimously. 

Jeff Higginbotham was introduced to the Residents as one of the Trustees.  Jeff was elected in 2016, but unfortunately he could not attend the 2016’s meeting due to a family commitment and was therefore voted on in his absence.

The Chairman thanked the Trustees for all the work that they do for the Club.

Any other business

A Resident asked what was the amount of the donation made by the Club to the Manchester Bombing Appeal - which was £250. 

The Ladybridge Park Residents Club Website was discussed and one Resident asked if the Minutes and Newsletter could be put on the Website.  The Chairman said that two Trustees work full time and two Trustees are retired and they already spend a lot of time in the Club on a daily basis and unfortunately do not have the time to update the Website themselves. 

The Residents were asked if anyone would volunteer to update the Website, a Resident suggested that we could pay someone to do it and that it would pay for itself in the long run.  It was suggested that we pay £30 a month.  Another Resident disagreed and said that it was not a good idea to pay someone to do it, when the Trustees give their time free of charge.  Also the Newsletter is delivered to each Resident’s house and people could always come into the Club a pick up a copy of the Newsletter from Reception and also read the Minutes of each meeting, which are displayed on the notice board in Reception.  A Resident said it would be of benefit to all people who own rented properties on the estate and do not live here, to have them put on the Website.  Roger Warwick has offered his services for free and would update the Website but he needs the code to access it.

A Resident said that it was good to see a profit and asked why there were no legal fees this year.  The Chairman said the previous legal fees were due to the problems that the Club were having with a previous Manager.  The Accountant would have been able to answer that question in more detail if it had been asked before he left the meeting.

The Resident also said that he does not receive a news letter as he does not live on the estate but he actually owns a rented property here.  The Chairman said that a lot of the people who own rented properties do not live on the estate, some live overseas and therefore it would be difficult to send them a Newsletter, but they are delivered to all the rented properties.  The Resident also asked if he could have a Newsletter delivered to his address on Mill Lane.  The Chairman said that all the Newsletters are delivered by volunteers but would ask the volunteer to deliver one to him at his address, when they are being delivered. 

A Resident asked if we have a “One Armed Bandit” and thought it would be a good idea to make money for the Club?  The Chairman said that the licence fee is over £500 per annum so it would not be cost effective.  The same Resident also asked if we have a Juke Box.  The Chairman pointed out that we do, as we have to pay for a PRS licence anyway, this does not cost the Club anything, people just put their money in for the music and the proceeds then are collected by the Juke Box Company which covers the cost of the Juke Box.

With regard to the Saturday night entertainment – the same Resident asked how much does it cost for each artist.  The fee is between £175 - £200 per artist.  The Resident asked why are we paying this amount for artists.  Tommy said that you get what you pay for.  The Tribute acts are very expensive and we are trying to get different entertainment and get better acts, which will hopefully get more Residents in the Club to watch the entertainment.  Tommy is going to have a chat with this Resident after the meeting to ask for the information of where the entertainment may be found cheaper. 

It was suggested that the Trustees take on board the people who own rented properties on the estate and do not get notification of the OGM by post or email.  The Chairman said that notification does go out with the invoice for the levies, and they are sent to all the Residents and also sent by post to the owners of rented properties.  Hopefully, going forward when the Website is updated, the date of OGM will be posted on the Website.

A Resident thanked the Trustees on behalf of everyone for all the work that they do for the Club and the fact that their role is voluntary and do not get paid. 

Tommy asked that people please be vigilant, as cars are broken into on the estate.  Tommy interrupted some boys who were trying to break into people’s cars.

Tommy also brought up the problem with dog fouling on the estate and they are trying to get something done about this.  Tommy said he also saw someone throw their dog foul on the grass verge.  The Council were approached to put dog bins out on the estate, but they declined due to the cost.  This problem is brought up regularly in the Newsletter.

A Resident also brought up the inconsiderate parking and speeding on the estate and how it is dangerous, as people cannot see oncoming traffic.  It was suggested that we ask the Council to do a 10-20 mile speed limit throughout the estate.  It was also brought up about parking on the pavement and bends which it is illegal.  The Chairman said that they are aware of the problem and it is also brought up regularly in the Newsletter.

People were asked if they had any questions for the Manager.  There were no questions.

The Trustees also thanked Harry, the Manager’s husband, for his hard work in looking after the Cellar and keeping it in order and the fact that he does not get paid for doing it.

The Chairman thanked the Residents for coming to the meeting, it then closed at 8.45pm.

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